Welcome to the virtual 2020 AGM.

AGM Agenda
    Item 3 – Minutes of the 2019 AGM
    Item 4 – Reports
    Item 6 – Draft Trio Class Rules 10 Dec 2019
    Item 6 – Covering Letter

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  1. Reason. The Coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of the AGM scheduled to take place at Llangorse SC in conjunction with the inland championships. On 26 May 20, the CCCA Committee discussed various options for holding an AGM during 2020. The ongoing uncertainty over the current pandemic led the committee to consider that holding the 2020 AGM by correspondence was the best option available.
  2. The CCCA Constitution defines how the AGM of the CCCA shall be conducted. These procedures seek to follow the principles of the constitution (Para 7) but are adapted to allow the discussions to take place without a physical meeting.
  3. Notice. The constitution requires at least 6 weeks written notice of the AGM to be given to members. This procedure document will be sent to all members by Sat 13 June 2020. The date of the AGM will be considered to be Saturday 25 July 2020.
  4. Motions. Motions to be put to the AGM shall be proposed by 2 full members and submitted to the Secretary by e-mail at least 4 weeks prior to 25 Jul ie Sat 27 June 2020.
  5. Reports. Reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be published on the CCCA website on 13 Jun 20. Builders reports from Peak Dinghies and Comet Dinghies will be published on the CCCA website as soon as they are available.
  6. Support documents. Supporting documents will published on the CCCA website identified by Agenda item number as soon as they are available.
  7. Discussions. Questions about items on the agenda shall be sent by e-mail to the Secretary, Bob Horlock at robert.horlock@sky.com. The text of the question together with the name and boat sail number of the member concerned and the response of the committee will be published on the CCCA website identified by the relevant agenda item number. Questions must be submitted before 08.00 Monday 27 July 2020. Responses from the committee will be published before 18.00 31 July 2020.
  8. Election of Officers and Committee Members. The committee would welcome new members. Anyone wishing to stand for any of the posts identified on the agenda, should contact the Secretary.
  9. Decisions. At the 2020 AGM decisions will be made by members voting via a survey form on the CCCA website. The survey form will be available on 31 Jul 2020. Members must vote by 7 Aug 2020 (the 2 weeks specified in CCCA Constitution Para 7e has been reduced to one week as the return will be electronic not postal). A decision to change the class rules requires a majority vote of two thirds of those that vote and is limited to full members of the CCCA owning that class of boat. The results of the voting will be published as soon after 7 Aug 2020 as possible.

10. Voting. Full Membership is defined by ownership of a boat of the Classes of the CCCA. Each boat is entitled to one vote. (CCCA Constitution para 4).

11. Quorum. A quorum is not required as all the decisions will be by return of survey form (CCCA Constitution para 7f).


Version 3 – 13 Jun 2020