Draft Procedure for Marking Rowsell Sails in Accordance with Trio Class Rules – Rule 4.5ivb

Trio Owners wishing to comply with the Trio Class Rules – Rule 4.5ivb shall carry out the following procedure before 31 Dec 2020:

  1. Gather together the Rowsell sails that they wish to be marked.  The sails shall be dry and the area around the makers mark shall be clean.
  2. The sails shall be marked with an indelible black marker with the Sail number of the Trio to which they belong, the date of marking and the signature of the person carrying out the marking.
    1. The height of the sail number and date lettering shall not be less than 30mm. The sails will be marked in the following locations.
      1. Mainsail – port side of the sail near to the Rowsell logo (and not on the Rowsell logo) near the tack of the sail.
      2. Jib – port side of the jib at the tack near to the Rowsell logo.
      3. Spinnaker – near the Rowsell logo at the tack.
    2. The person carrying out the marking shall be in order of preference:
      1. A member of the CCCA Committee.
      2. An Officer of the Sailing Club of which the Trio Owner is a member.
      3. An independent member of the Sailing Club of which the Trio Owner is a member ie not a fellow Trio owner.
  3. Take a photograph of the marking on the sails (Just the marking please! please try to get all the sails for one boat on one photo if possible, if not as few photos as possible please!).
  4. Send to the secretary of the CCCA 
    1. Details of the sails marked, eg. Trio XYZ – 2 Jibs, 1 Main, 2 Spinnakers marked by Mr Fred Blogs, Officer of Blue Lake SC on 21 Sep 20.
    2. The photograph of the marking on the sails.
  5. The Secretary shall maintain a record of the details of the marking and the photograph against the Sail number of the Trio.  These records shall be brought to CCCA organised racing events (Inlands and Nationals) as evidence of compliance with Trio Class Rules – Rule 4.5ivb should this be challenged by other competitors.

Bob Horlock

Secretary CCCA

10 June 2020


Example of sail marking

Example of sail marking

Trio 311 – 1 Jib, 1 Main, 1 Spinnaker marked by Steve White, Committee Member, 13th June 2020