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3 Trios have been sold. If you have a Trio to sell please let us know. There is a lot of demand for this popular everlasting dinghy.

Comet Versa Sail number 255

Hull yellow  with iroko rubrails and rear engine mount.

It is fitted with the jib-stick system  and centre mainsheet for easy single handed sailing.

Comes with a mast up cover, trailing cover , mast and rudder bags.

Oars and rowlocks , launch trolley and trailer.

Very good condition  kept indoors over winter and only sailed a few times a year.

As it is not getting much use I have decided to sell.

I’m looking for about £3500

07522 366 437 or email

Based  in North wales not far from Chester

I have a Comer Zero (215) but sold it as had no time to sail unfortunately. I was clearing my shed and came across a rudder – good condition.

I hope this might be useful for someone and willing to sell for a reasonable offer

Attached is the photo

Simon Green

Bournemouth 07803 893560

Comet Zero 121

The Hull is Green/White

Spinny is light Green

Engine mounting on stern.

It can go centre mainsheet which was very successful but now back to standard.

It does have a road trailer if required

In the compound at CYC in Chichester.

I am looking for around £1000 but am open to offers

“Phil Wicks” <