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Comet Duo or Versa in good racing condition

Alan Dalziel    email    07 946 533 627


Brand new, North sails Spinnaker.

Latest design, colour Red.

Never been used, still in bag and box.

New £540,  Sell for £500.

Pick up Somerset, or, post at cost.

Could also deliver to nationals if prefered.

Lynn Harland

01278 671398

Wanted Trio sails.

Looking to buy second hand Main Jib and Assymetric for my older Comet Trio.

Has sanyone upgraded to North sails looking to sell on their Rowsell sails?

Simon Millington  07 887 662 821

Comet Zero 121

The Hull is Green/White

Spinny is light Green

Engine mounting on stern.

It can go centre mainsheet which was very successful but now back to standard.

It does have a road trailer if required

In the compound at CYC in Chichester.

I am looking for around £1000 but am open to offers

“Phil Wicks” <