Minutes of the Combined Comet Class Association – Informal General Meeting

Brixham Yacht Club – Friday 2nd Aug 2019 – 18:30
Chairman – Adrian Padro
Secretary – Bob Horlock
Minute taker – Tracie Padro

Requirements for Mark 1 and Mark 2 Comet Trios

Following discussions regarding the way forward for the fleets it was agreed to schedule a meeting at the Comet Trio National Championships in Brixham to discuss “all things Comet Trio”.

The main topic was the replacement sails for the MK1 Trio. The majority of the MK1 owners do not want to move to a MK2 main sail when their current sail reaches its end of life. The question was where can a replacement MK1 sail be sourced?

Glyn Rawson (Peak Dinghies) purchased the business and has chosen North Sails to manufacture the MK2 sails rather than continue with Rowsell sails. This meant for now the only option to purchase a new main sail is to order a MK2 via Glyn/North Sails. This would then mean the boat becomes a MK2 rig. Many MK1 owners do not want this as the only option and would like the option of remaining a MK1

If a MK1 owner chooses to purchase sails from someone other than Peak Dinghies then this would mean their boat would not be eligible for class association events.
It was also mentioned that there are many Comet Trio’s used as training boats by lots of sailing clubs and the preference is to replace those MK1 sails on a like for like basis.

What happens now?

  • The class committee will explore the option of asking Glyn if another sail maker could be approached with a view to making an identical main sail to the current Rowsell sail. Bob Horlock will contact Glyn
  • Bob will update the class association on the outcome of the discussion and potential next steps