Peak Dinghy – Combined Comet Classes 2016 AGM Report

It has been a year since we took over the Comet Trio from Andy and one year on I now know a lot more about the Comet Trio than I did 12 months ago. As you may know we have eight Trios at Ogston Sailing Club, where they have been used as training boats since 2002. I have to admit that when they arrived I had never heard of a Comet Trio, They were purchased with the aid of a lottery grant from Sport England and were an immediate hit with everyone.
Sadly, at Ogston, they have never broken out of the training boat role and people graduating from the learn to sail course are pointed in the direction of the Enterprise or Laser fleet. One advantage those fleets have is an abundance of cheap second-hand boats. A second-hand Trio for sale is a very rare sight and because they are built so well, they command a good price, but as we all know, they’re worth it.
Over the last year the demand for spare parts has steadily grown and we are continuing to source parts from the same suppliers that Andy used. It’s great that so much is made in the UK, much of it by small companies and I like to think that we are doing our bit for British manufacturing and supporting local small businesses that are being squeezed so much by global manufacturers. When I say local; that’s; Derbyshire, Devon, Essex, Hampshire and Yorkshire to name a few.
It’s also good to be able to report that all Trio parts are available and should remain so. Clearly, some of the hardware is common across many fleets, but the Trio has some unique parts; foils, mast and boom etc and there is no supply issue there. It’s true that we are not holding a great deal of stock of parts and so there may be a little wait sometimes, but as demand grows we will look to hold more stock.
Some of you will have seen the first Peak Dinghy Comet Trio; we brought the Hull down to Exmouth Sailing Club during the Nationals last year and then took Trio 500 to the Dinghy Show in March. We had some interest following the Dinghy Show and I am pleased to say that Trio 500 has been sold. We have also sold a few Spinnaker Chute Kits and the feedback from customers is very positive.
It’s good to see all the work that various members of the Class are putting in to help promote sailing in a Comet Dinghy and I am sure that the number of people who own a boat from the Comet family will grow and grow.
I was late for last year’s AGM and not hear at all this year. I had hoped to come along but family commitments have made that very difficult. I will try to come along to Trio events where I can and if there is anything you want to ask me, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know.
Peak Dinghy