Combined Comet Class Association (CCCA) Annual General Meeting
Held via Correspondence

Chairman Adrian Padro


  1. Explanation of Procedure
    Proposal – ‘The CCCA AGM 2020 should be conducted in accordance with the procedure published on the CCCA websiteProposed by CCCA Committee.
  2. Apologies
  3. Acceptance of the minutes of the 2019 AGM.
    Proposal – ‘The minutes of the CCCA AGM 2019 held at Llangorse SC are accepted as a true record of that meetingProposed by CCCA Committee.
  4. Reports:

a. Association officers:

  1. Treasurer: (Caroline McAusland)
  2. Secretary: (Bob Horlock)
  3. Chairman: (Adrian Padro)

b. Builder’s

  1. Versa, Zero and Duo (Andy Simmons)
  2. Trio (Glyn Rawson)
  3. Adoption of Accountsa. Proposal – ‘The statement of accounts presented by the Treasurer at Item 4ai should be accepted as a true record of the CCCA accounts.Proposed by the CCCA Committee.
  4. Trio Class Rulesa. Proposal – ‘The Comet Trio Class Rules dated 5 Dec 19 sent to all Trio owners in draft during Dec 19 and available via the CCCA website should be adopted as the rules for the Comet Trio and the Comet Trio Mk2.’ Proposed by the CCCA Committee.
  5. Election of officers and committee:
    1. Chairman (Adrian Padro)
    2. Secretary (Bob Horlock)
    3. Cruising Secretary (Steve White)
    4. Treasurer (Caroline McAusland)
    5. Communications Officer (Tracie Padro)
    6. Versa Captain (Vacant)
    7. Duo Captain (Stephen Linton)
    8. Webmaster (Steve Ashford standing down after 12 years – Steve White has volunteered to fill this role)
  6. Venues for Inlands, National Championships, and Open meetings for 2020/2021.
  • CCCA Inlands 2021 Llangorse
  • Nationals
  1. Trios
    2020 – Trios 14 – 16th Aug Exe SC
    2021 30 Jul to 1 Aug 2021 Exe SC if not held there in 2020 otherwise Mumbles SC?
  2. Duos Cransley S.C
  3. Versas, Zeros

Open Meetings – Offers invited from clubs willing to stage an open meeting in 2021.

CCCA AGM Agenda 2020 V3 13 |Jun 20