Comet Zero, a proper little dinghy

An eleven footer that can be a one-sail dinghy you can row and motor, or a surprisingly fast asymmetric spinnaker junior racer.
Great for beginners. A handy size and light weight, the new Zero can be sailed and enjoyed by everyone. Comfortable, roomy and uncluttered, the standard Zero is beautifully simple with a stayed mast and single sail. A pivoting centerboard is a lot more forgiving than the daggerboard usually fitted to small dinghies. All round “sit in seats” and a low cockpit floor give a great feeling of security, compared with some other beginners dinghies. An optional furling jib and the addition of toestraps raise the speed and excitement.

Comet Versa, the ultimate all-rounder

Sail singlehanded or take the family, single sail plus jib or add a spinnaker. Stable for beginners, rewarding for experts. Rows nicely and takes a small outboard.
Slotting in between the Zero and the Trio, the new Comet Versa is an amazingly versatile dinghy, roomy enough for three adults yet can easliy be sailed singlehanded.

Sailed with just the mainsail, the Versa is a very steady and extremely comfortable singlehander. Unfurl the jib and she becomes a great family dinghy with secure “sit in” seats, ideal for children. The ability to have oars, outboard motors and stowage lockers make the Versa great fun for family holidays.

Comet Triothe classic family dinghy

Comfortable for the whole family, but light enough for two to handle. Can be deceptively fast even without the optional spinnaker.
When we say the Trio is an all rounder we really mean it. Designed by Phil Morrison, with classic hull lines the Trio is thoroughly modern, but retains some well-proven features of older dinghies. At 15′ the Trio has the length to give effortless performance, the ability to carry a large family, and to be quite steady and reassuring when the weather turns nasty! “Sit in” seats and a deep cockpit floor, combined with a relatively high boom make the Trio a superbly comfortable dinghy to sail.

The standard Trio has a slab-reefing mainsail and a furling jib, self-bailers and a rear-mainsheet, making her ideal as your first family dinghy. As you gain experience, options of centre mainsheet and asymmetric spinnaker turn the Trio into a surprisingly fast racer, although a most comfortable and forgiving one!

Comet Duo

The Comet Duo is an extremely versatile dinghy, equally suitable for racing, cruising and training. Roomy enough for 3 adults or a small family yet light enough to be sailed single handed.

The fast hull shape and decent sail area give the potential for excellent performance. And at 12′ overall, the Duo is very manouverable and responsive on the smaller lakes and rivers, and offers interesting racing with other dinghies.