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The CCCA is a friendly organisation that exists to promote and further the interests of the owners of the 4 double handed classes of dinghy originally produced by Comet Dinghies, namely the Trio, Duo, Versa and Zero.

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  4. Keeping members informed of developments concerning the Classes and any proposals concerning class rules.
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Membership of the CCCA is free to all current owners (or a soon-to-be owner) of the classes that we cover.

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Recent Posts

Comet Duo World Championships 2021

On Saturday 17 July 2021, we welcomed 12 Comet Duos to the latest Cransley Worlds.  With one visitor (Nigel Ford from Solihull (93)), and five international club members from Wales, it had the feeling of a universal event.  

The wind was light – Force 0-2, with the occasional sudden summer gust catching 2 folk out (Jane and Ian).  The racing was very well organised and led to an enthralling first race, with young Tom Chapman and Georgie Hind (121) chasing and very nearly catching Nigel Austin and Polly Guyett (103).  Our visitor came in 3rd, very happy chappy.   The remaining competitors were not that far behind but to be fair had paired up with crews to get as many out on the water as possible to enjoy this prestigious event, and certainly the trim of some could have been better!

After a lunch that slowed the fleet even more (but wouldn’t have been missed, thanks Claire/Niamh), the 2nd race was more of the same with the leading exchanging hands a few times between 103 and 121, with Tom and Georgie just unable to hold on to the lead on the final leg.  Rhiain Bevan (4) was pursuing hard for a 3rd and thus for the final race an intriguing prospect was set up for 2nd and 3rd place.  

The heat of the day, over 26 degrees on the water led some to go for impromptu swims off the back of the Duos, however there was certainly no cooling particularly on the last five minutes of race 3 where the lead changed hand 3 times between different boats and it looked as if Nigel in 93, would take the honours.  However the wind disappeared 50m from the line for him and Nigel and Polly managed to harness their own zephyr to achieve a clean sweep.

This event was designed to bring together as many of the 180 odd Comet Duos (ever built by Andy Simmons) in a fun and entertaining event and it achieved that again – although we would love to get more visitors, our water is perfect for them, so please if you have one get in touch for next year!  It was also the aim to give our youngsters and less confident adults a chance to race in an event that whilst competitive was also friendly and with lots of banter.  This year young Polly (8 years old) is able to go into school with the trophy on “Show and Tell” and tell her classmates of the day she won the “Worlds”! – creating memories like this is what sailing is all about in my mind!.  

Well done all 


Comet 103

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