Welcome to the Comet Combined Class Association (CCCA) website.  

The CCCA is a friendly organisation that exists to promote and further the interests of the owners of the 4 double handed classes of dinghy originally produced by Comet Dinghies, namely the Trio, Duo, Versa and Zero.

CCCA Online Forum where technical help for Comet owners can be asked, and hopefully we’ll be able to provide the answer.

If you were looking for info about the Comet dinghy, they are at the Comet Class Association.

Comet TrioComet DuoComet VersaComet Zero

We support CCCA Members by:

  1. Organising the National and Inland Championships as required.
  2. Co-ordinating the programme for other Open Meetings and cruising events for the Classes in the British Isles.
  3. Promulgating information on technical development within the Classes.
  4. Keeping members informed of developments concerning the Classes and any proposals concerning class rules.
  5. Maintaining a register of CCCA members, and regularly communicating with them.

Membership of the CCCA is free to all current owners (or a soon-to-be owner) of the classes that we cover.

Please look at the News and Events tabs to see what is currently happening or look at our Facebook page.

For descriptions of the dinghies and associated technical information look under the Classes tab.

We hope that you will find the information you are seeking, if not, please contact us.

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