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The Mk II main is available as a Laminate Radial Cut sail without reefing eyes. Both the Mk I and II Dacron Mains have reefing eyes.

The Mk I and Mk II Spinnakers are radial cut and patches are included as standard, these can be excluded if requested. There are 14 colours to choose from, either one single colour or a two colour option split top half/bottom half. These are the available colours;

Prices are correct at time of publishing 11th Jan 2020.

CodeDescriptionPriceJanuary Offer Price
CM-1Mk II Laminate Main£768.00
DM-1Mk II Dacron Main£600.00
MK-1Mk I  Dacron Main£545.00£490.50
A-0Code Zero£490.00£441.00
A-0NPCode Zero (without patches)£470.00£423.00
A-2NPSpinnaker (without patches)£520.00

All sails are rolled, except spinnakers. Carriage costs are £58.00 for a main and £11.00 for a jib or spinnaker.It’s possible to ship more than one main or a suit of sails for £58.00. Alternatively, sails can be collected from North Sails in Gosport. Contact for details.

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