The Comet Duo Class Association

The Comet Duo Class Association was founded in 1993 to represent the interests of all Comet Duo owners.

Over the seventeen years of its existence members of the Association enjoyed a wide and varied programme of events all of which were characterised by the friendly & social atmosphere seen both on the water and after sailing has finished for the day. Much of the time we have been together with other Comet dinghy classes and are grateful for the support that they, as well as Andy Simmons of Comet Dinghies have given us.

Cruising has taken us as far north as Lake Windermere, to Herne Bay in the east,
Chichester Harbour in the south and Falmouth in the west and other places in
between. With two championship events each year, racing has taken place on
the sea and at inland venues such as the Portland & Weymouth Sailing Academy,
the proposed sailing venue included in the UK’s Olympic bid.

Our class magazine the Duologue was produced annually, and described
our activities over the previous season, and a program of events for the coming
season. The class association ran a number of events each year, both racing
and cruising, which were well supported by Comet Duo owners.

To ensure a long term future of an Association for Duo owners, in 2010 it was
decided to amalgamate with the Comet Combined Class and we encourage
as many Duo owners as possible to become members. If this is you, or you
know of any Duo owners, perhaps at your club, who are not yet members
of the Association please tell them about us and ask them to join.