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Adverts for For Sale or Wanted are free if the advert is for one of the CCCA Classes. Any advert will be removed approx 3 months after date of entry, or on notification from the seller or buyer.

Feel free to try selling your boat here before advertising on Apollo Duck or eBay. All I need is a few nice pictures and the usual information, by email is fine.

Email to post For Sale and Wanted notices.

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For Sale: Trio Mark 1 Mast and Boom
Complete, good condition, £150

Spinnaker for a Comet Zero. Any condition considered. Wanted as a cruising sail.

Looking for a Comet Versa in good condition. My location is Nailsea near Bristol.

Mk1 Trio in reasonable condition. Road base not essential but spinnaker yes (or price reflecting not having one).

I am looking for a second hand Comet Zero. I am hoping to teach the children to sail in it (our current wooden clinker built boat is too heavy and the sail area too large to take them out in anything but the lightest of winds) and to have some fun so a boat in reasonable condition would be perfect. Our location is North Norfolk. I will need a launching trolley and can collect from anywhere in the UK.

For Sale – Versa 205 – “Misty Blue”

Good condition all round. Two sets of sails the newest set in very good condition. Centre mainsheet and outboard pad. Launching trolley (no road trailer) overboom cover. £2950 located in Essex. Tim.

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Calling all Trio Owners

Do you currently own a Comet Trio and may want to sell it at some time in the future?

Do you want to preserve the value of your investment in your sails?

Do you want to be able to race in CCCA competitions?

If any of the above apply to you, then you need to take action NOW!

Why is this important?  Any new Rowsell sails purchased after August 1st will not be allowed to be used in Combined Comet Trio Class Association races. This is because the class association is nudging Comet Trio owners to buy their replacement sails through the new builder (Peak Dinghy Supplies).

What do I need to do? Even if you don’t race, you need to mark your sails with the sail number and date and send a photo of your sails to the Comet Trio Class Association by 1st August, as per the Comet Trio Class Association class rules, to preserve the value of your asset. This needs to be done in a specific format- see below:

How can I make sure I have done it correctly? 
See and look to the annex at the bottom.

What if I choose not to mark my sails? 

You’ll lose several hundreds of pounds off the value of your boat if you sell it to someone who wants to race it if the sails are not registered with the CCCA before August 1st

Of course, you can cheerfully continue to sail your Trio as you wish, but please note that if you don’t mark your sails with the sail number and date and send a photo of your sails to the Comet Trio Class Association by 1st August, you (or any future owner of your boat) will not be able to take part in CCCA Competitions using those unmarked sails. This will also mean that your unmarked sails are worthless should you want to sell your boat to someone who wants to race it after 1st August.

By taking just a few minutes now to mark your sails and send a photo of your marking to the Comet Trio Class Association, you could save the future you several hundred pounds. 

What are you waiting for? Get marking!

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