Comet Trio Buyers Guide

We thought it would be a good idea to give current owners and future owners a rough idea of the price of a Trio.

Boats in poor physical condition, either following collisions or poor handing seem to have a base price of about £600 if on a combi trailer (even if the combi trailer has unserviceable suspension, bearings, wheels and tyres). Many of the original road bases used Flexiride Suspension Units + Hubs – 250kg, which can be bought in either 100mm PCD or 4 inch (101.6mm) PCD.

Early 300’s,  £1000 –  £2000 including spinnaker. Take off £500 to £900 if the boat has never had a spinnaker fitted. To upgrade a boat that does not have a spinnaker to one that has a spinnaker with conventional bag launch (not chute) is about £950 for the fittings and pole, the purchase of the bag, spinnaker and sheets. See Glyn for details of retro-fitting a bag spinnaker or a spinnaker chute.

Late 300’s (360 – 400) between £2000 – £3500

400’s – 500,  £3500 – £4200

This is for MK1 rigs. If a boat has a MK2 rig, then add another £1500 – £2000.

Trio 500, the only one second hand MK2 ever put up for sale, I think that was around £10,000.00

New – Prices start at £8664.70 (from Peak’s website). Excludes trailer, covers, etc. owners will have the options of MK1 or MK2 sails.

Upgrade cost to a fully MK2 rig is circa £3000 for a new mast, boom and set of sails.

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