Calling all Trio Owners

Do you currently own a Comet Trio and may want to sell it at some time in the future?

Do you want to preserve the value of your investment in your sails?

Do you want to be able to race in CCCA competitions?

If any of the above apply to you, then you need to take action NOW!

Why is this important?  Any new Rowsell sails purchased after August 1st will not be allowed to be used in Combined Comet Trio Class Association races. This is because the class association is nudging Comet Trio owners to buy their replacement sails through the new builder (Peak Dinghy Supplies).

What do I need to do? Even if you don’t race, you need to mark your sails with the sail number and date and send a photo of your sails to the Comet Trio Class Association by 1st August, as per the Comet Trio Class Association class rules, to preserve the value of your asset. This needs to be done in a specific format- see below:

How can I make sure I have done it correctly? 
See and look to the annex at the bottom.

What if I choose not to mark my sails? 

You’ll lose several hundreds of pounds off the value of your boat if you sell it to someone who wants to race it if the sails are not registered with the CCCA before August 1st

Of course, you can cheerfully continue to sail your Trio as you wish, but please note that if you don’t mark your sails with the sail number and date and send a photo of your sails to the Comet Trio Class Association by 1st August, you (or any future owner of your boat) will not be able to take part in CCCA Competitions using those unmarked sails. This will also mean that your unmarked sails are worthless should you want to sell your boat to someone who wants to race it after 1st August.

By taking just a few minutes now to mark your sails and send a photo of your marking to the Comet Trio Class Association, you could save the future you several hundred pounds. 

What are you waiting for? Get marking!

Eric Goodley

I’m sorry to report that Eric Goodley has sadly passed away.  Many of our long standing members will remember Eric as Secretary of the Class Association from it’s inception around 1997 until 2005.  He did a lot for the class during this time, promoting the Trio both on and off the water.  He was friendly and conscientious, welcoming new Trio owners to the class at events and showing them how it should be done by helming Lady Z to first place in the inaugural Trio National Championships in 1998 and also the Inland Championships in 2002.  He could be found at the Dinghy Show manning the stand and extolling the virtues of the Trio to anyone within earshot.  As Secretary he helped David Talbot steer the Class Association through it’s transition from the Trio Class Association to the present Combined Comet Class Association.  He will be sadly missed by those who knew him. His funeral is likely to be in the first week of February and it will be video streamed. If anyone wants any further information then please contact Chris Boutle.
Bob Horlock

Online Forum for CCCA Members

We have created an online forum for CCCA members.

The purpose of the group is to promote understanding about Comet boats, and include answers to technical questions, best practices and a way to easily ask things of other owners. 
One of the problems with Facebook is that information is lost in the timeline, whereas the forum is very much more persistent.

To borrow a guideline from another online forum, drifting off topic is tolerated within reason. Consider it the equivalent of the sailing club bar. The moderators reserve the right to encourage you back on topic so that the quality of the content is kept honest to the values of the CCCA.

New members are very welcome, and for a short period you posts will be moderated while we all test the waters. Please be aware that our total storage limit is only 1GB; that may sound a lot, but it is relatively little per member. There should be no problem with uploading photos, as the platform will automatically re-size them where necessary, but please avoid uploading videos;  we suggest that you put the latter on Youtube, and simply post the link on this site. 

To subscribe, please visit the group and find the email address to send a request to. (If I put the email address in plain text on the internet we’ll be overwhelmed by web crawling robots).

Once you have sent your email in to subscribe to the site, the moderators will get a meesage and allow you onto the site. If you are not already a member of the CCCA, and would like to join the forum, please apply to join the forum and we’ll be in touch to assist you in joining the class association.

RIght now the forum is pretty empty, awaiting your contribution.

If you’ve had a question about your class, or you have some great info that you’d like to share, feel free to use the facility.

North Trio Mk1 Sails

Following the announcement from Peak Dinghies that they had asked North Sails to produce a white Dacron panel cut main to replicate the performance of the original Rowsell main sail, the CCCA set up a Mk1 Working Group composed of five Mk1 Trio owners to consider the suitability of the North main, jib and code zero spinnaker as replacements for the Rowsell sails.

The Working Group met on 24 Oct 20 at Whitefriars in the presence of a number of other Trio Sailors and compared the North main, jib and code zero spinnaker to a number of Rowsell Trio sails.

Comparison of size between the North Trio mainsail and a Rowsell mainsail.
The North Trio Mainsail hoisted

They concluded that the new North Mk1 Main, Jib and Code Zero Spinnaker are acceptable as ongoing replacements for the Rowsell sails on original Trios. 

The CCCA Committee met on 4 Nov 20  and accepted the conclusions of the Mk1 Working Group.

We are therefore pleased to confirm that we have advised Peak Dinghies that the North Mk1 main, the North Jib and the North Code Zero spinnaker can be marketed as Trio Mk1 sails. The CCCA will revise the Trio rules to reflect this change and the revised rules will be put to the Trio owners in due course.

May I take this opportunity to remind Trio owners that sails and all major components of the Trio must be bought through the licensed builder Peak Dinghies. Replacement, class legal and race legal sails for Comet Trios may now be ordered from Peak Dinghies.

Bob Horlock Secretary CCCA

AGM Minutes

I have today e-mailed all CCCA members with a copy of the 2020 AGM minutes.  If you haven’t received your copy, look under the Documents tab, 2020 AGM, and please let me know as I may have an out of date e-mail address for you. Bob HorlockCCCA Sec

Sailing Calendar Update

All CCCA events for 2020 are cancelled for the moment.

The CCCA Inlands next year will be on Sat 1st May and Sun 2nd May 2021 at Llangorse.

The Trio Nationals next year will be at Exe SC from Friday 30th July 2021  to Sunday 1st Aug 2021.

Trio Nationals 2020 update

The CCCA Committee have reviewed the situation.

It is too early to cancel this event in the event of Covid Lockdowns being eased further in order for visitors to access campsites  hotels etc. which are closed at present.

Further caveats include:-

  • Non family members crewing together.
  • Rescue Ribs manned with at least 2 people.
  • Social distancing during rescues.
  • Club facilities being open,  changing rooms, bar and restaurant
  • Launch and recovery distancing.

A decision will be made whether or not to cancel the event nearer the time.