Comet Duo Worlds

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Cransley Sailing Club will be holding the inaugural World Championships on 9th July

It is intended to start races at 11.15am, 1.15pm and 2.45pm with lunch and afternoon Tiffin in between races just to be civilised – however the Race Officer will have the final say although it wont be starting any earlier for the first race.

At Cransley we have as 9 potential helms  –  myself, John Linnell, Mike Sawford, Rhiain Bevan, Tony Hetherington, John (or Jane) Townsend, Peter Stein, Darrell Hutchings, Miles Billingham – so in theory we could be well into double figures!!!Hope everyone can make it, perhaps if you know of others not on this list you can forward.For those unfamiliar with Cransley all our details are on our website  – however it may not explain that the entrance to the club is via a drive that looks quite private.  There are a few signs though so you shouldn’t get too lost!If you are able to let me know whether you are likely to take part that would be great (just to make sure we have enough food!). If you are a Cransley boat and you are unable to attend but willing to loan your boat there may be some bona fide sailors out there who could fill the gap – of course we would however love all mentioned above to be there with or without crew – just to say  “I was there!”


Comet Duo 103

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