New Cruising Secretary

Cody Sailing Club are delighted to have teamed up with CCCA to offer two Solent based fleet dinghy cruises in the summer to CCCA members. Cody have planned a sail from Lymington to Newton Creek on the Isle of Wight, and a sail from Stubbington to Bursledon.


All two or three person Comet boats are welcome on these cruises. There are some cruises, beach days, and daysails from our camps which suit single handed vessels better.


Please see details for the events 30th June (Standby date 1st July) 14th July (Standby date 15th July)


We will need to cap the numbers to about 6 boats from CCCA at each event, and we need to know the contact details for everyone who is planning to attend as we decide at the last possible moment whether to sail or not, which may be the evening before or 6am on the morning of the event if the weather is marginal.


To let us know what we need to know in order to plan the cruise, the information required is at  Mail with these details to register interest.


We will facilitate the daysail, in that we will organise a group of people together who may make the independent choice to sail from the same location at roughly the same time to the same destination, and then return together. At all times the skipper of the vessel is responsible for the vessel itself and has a duty of care to their crew. They take the decision to sail for themselves.


We will look out for each other, and if someone gets in difficulty we will all stop, gather together, and render assistance as proportionate to the situation. We may provide direct assistance to others, and help to ensure that the right decisions are taken to maximise safety.


More information about what to expect on one of our fleet dinghy cruises can be found at and


I’m the Advanced Organiser for both these events, so if you are interested in joining us please contact me for more information.




Steve White  email ccca cruise


Cody Sailing Club